Refund and Returns Policy


(a) Buyer must obtain prior approval from Seller, by way of a valid Return Materials Authorization form and number (“RMA”), before making any warranty returns and/or returning any Goods for warranty replacements; within the documented warranty period for the particular Good(s), such warranty periods beginning on the date of original shipment by Seller or its supplier.

(b) Buyer must ship Goods back prepaid and in an appropriate carton or container designed for such shipments.

(c) Such returns must be received at the location designated on the RMA Form within ten (10) business days of the date an RMA was first sought from Seller. Any warranty return received by Seller without the RMA Form, or outside of the ten (10) business day period, will not qualify for a warranty credit.

(d) Buyer shall cooperate with reasonable requests at the time an RMA is reported, and during handling by Seller, by providing information including, but not limited to, full description of defect, serial number, identifying markings, and, if appropriate, photographs, etc.

(e) If a defect is confirmed by Seller or its supplier during evaluation, a credit will be issued within fifteen (15) business days of the confirmation.


(a) Requests to return Goods for a restocking fee (i.e., non-warranty returns) must be made by Buyer within five (5) business days of the original date of receipt by Buyer; Buyer must obtain prior approval from Seller for such returns by way of a Return Material Authorization form and number (“RMA”). Goods returned by Buyer due to no fault of Seller are subject to a minimum twenty-five percent (25%) restocking fee, unless otherwise documented by Seller.

(b) Goods approved for a return with a restocking fee must be received at the address noted on the RMA Form within ten (10) business days of original receipt of the Good(s) by Buyer and must include the RMA Form specific to the particular order/part. Any returned Goods received by Seller without the RMA Form or outside of the timeframes described herein will not qualify for a credit (the full invoice price will be due from Buyer), and if the Good was sold on an exchange basis, then such unauthorized return may be treated as the Exchange Part and applied as the Exchange. Returned Goods must be sent in an appropriate carton or container designed for such shipments in order to be eligible for any credit.

(c) If all return requirements have been met and the return is accepted, credit will be issued fifteen (15) business days thereafter, such time being necessary to allow for evaluation and processing.

(d) Goods that are non-returnable for reasons including, but not limited to, supplier return restrictions, will be communicated as such prior to the transaction. Any Goods sold as non-returnable may not be returned and will receive no credit if returned to Seller. For all orders, each line-item within the order that is both an outright purchase (not Exchange) and is also under $250 is non-returnable and will not be accepted back for a restock, except for the reason of error on behalf of Seller or parts that are found to have functional defects. Exchange parts under $250 will be returnable at Seller’s sole discretion.


Buyer must provide a part number or equivalent unique identifying number on all transactions; not providing such number may result in a return being denied. If any claimed reason for a return does not qualify it for credit or cannot be verified by Seller or its supplier, then the full invoice price will be due from Buyer. Seller is not responsible for returning items which Buyer returns to Seller without authorization.