Steri-Wrap Unite sterilization wrap is made with two sheets of SMS bonded together for wrapping medical devices for sterilization following standard healthcare practices. Steri-Wrap is used to contain instruments during steam, ethylene oxide, and vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization. 

The wraps allow efficient penetration of sterilant and maintain sterility after reprocessing devices during handling and storage. The two-color blue and green antistatic polypropylene allows healthcare facilities to color code trays and more easily identify tears or punctures. 


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  • Two bonded sheets of SMS for easy wrapping of single or multiple devices 
  • Strong wrap avoids rips, tears, or punctures 
  • Bonded layers make an excellent barrier to prevent penetration from organisms 
  • For wrapping medical devices that will be sterilized via steam, ethylene oxide, and vaporized hydrogen peroxide 


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